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Generic InMotion Hosting Prices

ServiceMonthly Price Range
Shared Hosting$2.95 – $7.49
VPS$24.99 – $59.99
Dedicated Server$99.99 – $489.99

InMotion Contact Details


Phone: 888-321-4678


Address: 6100 Center Drive, Suite 1190Los Angeles , CA 90045

InMotion Technical Details

Server Software:  nginx/1.15.2|PHP/5.6.36

Website IP:

IP Location Country/State/City: United states / California/ Los Angeles

ISP Name / ISP URL:  InMotion Hosting Inc. /

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting is one of the largest independent web hosting companies in the world.

They have been providing a wide range of web hosting services for more than 15 years. Over time, InMotion has grown a customer base of over 300,000 domains. So, if you are in search of a web host for either personal or professional website, check out InMotion Hosting.

This web hosting service boasts a shared, dedicated, reseller, virtual private server (VPS), and WordPress hosting, as well as numerous free e-commerce tools.

In Motion perform well in three major areas

  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Support

There are a few more features listed below which can make your experience with inMotion smooth and enjoyable.

DISCLAIMER: Tools used for evaluation aren’t always 100% correct. However, we constantly run checks using various sources and keep this page updated with the newest test results, usually on a monthly basis. So keep a lookout for this page periodically.

99.94% Average Uptime

Currently, InMotion has an uptime clocked in at 99.9%. One of the best things about InMotion Hosting is that they’re consistently getting more reliable.  

We have listed the last 10 months’ average uptime for your reference

  •        September 2018: 99.99%
  •        August 2018: 99.98%
  •        July 2018: 99.98%
  •        June 2018: 99.93%
  •        May 2018: 99.97%
  •        April 2018: 99.99%
  •        March 2018: 99.97%
  •        February 2019: 99.91%
  •        January 2018: 99.68%
  •        December 2017: 99.99%

Fast Server Speed

Fast loading time is great for user experience, at the same time, it is also factored into Google’s algorithm for page ranking.

InMotion Hosting gives you a strong load time performance. It has an average loading time of 808ms.

We have listed the last 10 months’ average load times below:

  •        September 2018: 944 ms
  •        August 2018: 901 ms
  •        July 2018: 970 ms
  •        June 2018: 66 9ms
  •        May 2018: 631ms
  •        April 2018: 656ms
  •        March 2018: 779 ms
  •        February 2019: 1088 ms
  •        January 2018: 829 ms
  •        December 2017: 617ms

Excellent Customer Support

InMotion Hosting provides 24/7 support through live chat, email tickets and even over the phone. They have a US-based support team. Their efficient customer care staff quickly address your issues and try to resolve them in no time.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

InMotion gives you 90 days business, VPS and reseller hosting plans. Which is unique, as usually, all other hosting sites provide you with 30 days money back guarantees only.

Free Site Transfer

InMotion Hosting offers to transfer your site for free from your current host. However, they do not promise the zero downtime during their migration process,usually, other hosts guarantee this.

Free Data Backups

Other Hosting sites also provide backup facility but you have to do it manually, or pay extra; here, with InMotion Hosting data backups are free and automatic with any of these plans.

  • InMotion Hosting gives you an option of Free website transfer, but there are some conditions like the support will transfer up to 3 websites from other hosts for you for free.
  • 90-day money back guarantee is the longest trial provided by any hosting site.
  • Free SSL Many hosts still charge significant fees to add SSL to your sites, but with InMotion Hosting it’s free on all shared hosting plans.
  • Free domain name is a little bonus InMotion Hosting has added in their service. it’s also cheaper when you need to renew it as compared to most other hosts.


After reviewing InMotion Hosting we found them to be reliable, their uptime, fast servers, and customer support were all strong. However, slight uptime and speed slips have been disappointing. Their plans fit all budget sizes and shared plans are particularly great for new blogs and business websites. They offer a variety of hosting plans which allows you to grow your business without worrying about moving to a new host. You can easily upgrade your hosting plan whenever you need more resources. If you are curious, keeping all the above points in mind you can try InMotion Hosting